Company “MBI” d.o.o. it performs the purchase of brass and copper waste and its classification as follows:

Copper waste

– Gulped ropes (without insulation and varnish) made of copper wire over diameter of 1,0 mm

– Copper sheets or strips of thickness exceeding 1,0 mm

– Copper rods and wire diameter over 2.0 mm

– Anode copper or bulky anode waste

– Copper tracks of thickness exceeding 2.0 mm

(can be colored with different nitro and oily colors,

but it can not have galvanic coatings and / or solvent residues)

– Copper sheet and strip thickness below 2.0 mm

– Copper wire of 0.5-2.0 mm diameter

– Copper pipes of wall thickness below 2.0 mm

– Copper narrowly patinated (imperfectly) woven from a wire diameter of 0.3 mm – 1.0 mm

– Copper tapes of thickness up to 2.0 mm

(can be painted with oily or nitro colors,

but it must not have galvanic coatings and / or solvent residues).

– Light wire
– Gulped ropes from a linear wire of diameter less than 0.3 mm
– Wire with tin, nickel, zinc coating, regardless of the dimension
– Copper sponge with max 2% of oil, moisture, emulsion, without the presence of iron and other metals – Sheets, strips, rails and articles of the same with thin coatings, metal and non-metallic, solvent residues, regardless of dimension- Old copper items lemovima

Brass waste

1 Clean industrial waste or unused CuZn28 – CuZn37 alloy material, made of sheet, strip, tube, wire, rod, lamellar etc. without the participation of other metals such as Pb, Sb …
2 Clean industrial waste of alloys CuZn36-39 Pb1.0-3.5 is formed from pressed and drawn products without coatings.
This waste also includes ingots of weight up to max. 30 kg
3 Coils – large (diameter over 20.0 mm) of CuZn28-30 alloys.
4 Casing – small (diameter below 20.0 mm) of CuZn28-30 alloys.
5 Consumable brass from wide consumption
6 Brass coupon of automatic brass CuZn36-39 Pb1.0-3.5% and small strings of wire and rod. Up to 2% of oil, moisture, emulsion and max. 1% of Fe salts are permitted.